Maintaining your Leather

Leather is a natural material and when it is looked after properly it will maintain its magnificence and beauty for years to come.
Leather is one of the easiest materials to maintain and keep clean if you know how. Here are some tips:

  • Clean the leather regularly by dusting and vacuuming making sure that all gaps between cushions etc are dirt free as dirt can scratch the surface of the material.

  • Condition the leather regularly with a leather conditioning product taking special attention to areas that get a lot of wear such as arm and head rests that come into contact with skin and hair.

  • Leather products will gradually fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore to keep texture and appearance its best, position the leather product away from any source of direct sunlight.

  • Heat damages and dries out leather so be sure to keep your leather away from any heat source.

  • Do not use any household cleaners as these will damage the finish on the leather and are not designed specifically for leather cleaning. Only use leather products and even test these on a hidden area.

  • If your leather gets a spill on it, blot rather than rub the liquid. If it stains, consult a professional upholstery cleaning company.

  • Keep any sharp or abrasive objects away from the leather as it may scratch and damage it.

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