Timber Care

Solid timber products have stood the test of time for the best all-round reliability of any furniture. To retain the look and character there are some simple steps to follow.

Please follow the below care instructions for all Eureka Street Furniture timber products:

  • Furniture wax is especially helpful for recycled timber furniture and should be applied every 3 to 6 months. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin.
  • Any spills should be immediately removed with a slightly damp cloth to prevent damage to the coating. Beware of porous objects like pottery vases standing for long periods on tables; water can seep through to the table and sit there unnoticed.
  • Timber surfaces and coatings are not heat proof. Use heat-resistant coasters and place mats.
  • Some hand-thrown ceramic mugs have a base like sandpaper. Place a coaster under these items.
  • Timber surfaces are light sensitive. Do not place indirect sunlight or leave coasters or decorator items in place for weeks at a time. Open extension tables periodically so the leaf gets a regular amount of light.
  • Avoid leaving wet cloths, glasses etc on lacquered surfaces, these will breakdown the lacquer.
  • Timber products are sensitive to humidity. Take care not to place directly under heating air-conditioning ducts, or too near to open fires.
  • Teak timber is rich with natural oils and, in some rare cases, can mark flooring. If in doubt place aplastic barrier between the teak and the carpet.
  • To polish the timber, apply sparingly, a fine, light, silicone-free furniture oil and polish in the direction of the grain. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.
  • Never use a furniture polish containing silicone. Check the label! (A well-known general-purpose pressure-pack spray advertises its suitability for furniture use, but the silicone content will quickly destroy the lacquer).

Please speak with our staff in-store about our extended warranty programs, which include added protection against accidental damage and spills.

Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

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