Patio Furniture Care

Our range of patio furniture is made from several natural and synthetic materials. While these pieces are suited for use on most patios or balconies, they are not designed to be exposed to the elements.

Please follow the below care instructions for all Eureka Street Furniture patio furniture products:

  • Never place product where they can be exposed to the elements. This includes: rain, hail, sun, tree & plant sap and animal droppings.
  • As the product is subject to changing temperatures, it is common for timber to expand and contract, causing cracks or distortion. This is not a fault.
  • Ensure pets are kept away, as it is common for accidental damage to occur (especially with fabrics and rattan/wicker)

Our warranty on Patio furniture is limited to manufacturer faults and does not cover any wear & tear or damage that could have been caused by:

  • Exposure to sun or light
  • Exposure to rain, hail, or other weather events
  • Exposure to other natural substances (tree sap, pollen, animal droppings)
  • Exposure to other chemical substances used in outdoor gardens or patios
  • Damage caused by pets or other wild animals


Please speak with our staff in-store about our extended warranty programs, which include added protection against accidental damage and spills.




Rattan is a natural product and is extremely durable but is not resistant to the elements when used in outdoor settings. Rattan can become brittle and become damaged when exposed to heat or moisture.


  • Furniture should be dusted or vacuumed with an upholstery brush weekly, to avoid this dirt and dust piling up in nooks and crannies present within the wicker weave.
  • Food, drink, animal droppings or any foreign substance should be cleaned immediately. 
  • At least every 12 months, furniture should be inspected for mould and mildew growth, and for splits in the fibres, especially if being kept outdoors. Take sufficient time to clean away any problems and to recondition the fibres


Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

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