Marble Care

As marble is a natural product, each piece is unique. No two slabs of stone will ever be the same. It is this uniqueness that makes the product beautiful. While marble is extremely durable, it still requires adequate care. Follow the below instructions to ensure you get the most from your new marble furniture:

  • Only use approved natural stone cleaning product. Marble should be sealed every few years. All marble is fragile and extreme care should be taken when the marble is moved.
  • Marble is a natural, porous product and is therefore susceptible to staining. Any liquids (including water) that are left on the marble will be absorbed into the stone and leave a stain. Any spills (including food) should be cleaned straight away. Always use coasters and placemats to avoid leaving stains and ring marks.
  • If marble becomes stained, contact a professional marble restoration and refinishing service.
  • Do not chop food directly onto marble as it will scratch the surface. Likewise, do not drag objects across the surface.
  • To clean marble, use a clean, soft cloth for best results. Only use approved natural stone cleaning product.
  • We recommend that customers use Guardsman or other approved products to seal and protect marble. Marble should be sealed every few years. Note: that sealing the marble will only provide a buffer of protection. It will not provide absolute protection and even sealed stone will stain if liquids are left on their surface for too long.
  • Do out use abrasive cleaning tools or products
  • Do not use regular household cleaning products as they may contain silicon, lemon, vinegar, or other acids

    Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

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