Leather Care

Leather is a natural material and when it is looked after properly it will maintain its magnificence and beauty for years to come. It is a common misconception that leather is difficult to maintain, when in reality it is one of the easiest.

Please follow the below care instructions for all Eureka Street Furniture leather products:

  • Clean the leather regularly by dusting and vacuuming making sure that all gaps between cushions are dirt free. Dirt can scratch the surface of the material.
  • Condition the leather regularly with a leather conditioning product, giving special attention to areas that receive more wear, such as: arm, leg and headrests, or any areas that come into contact with skin and hair.
  • Any piece of furniture whether it be a timber, leather or fabric design will fade if in direct sunlight. Try to limit the amount of exposure on your fabric lounge to ensure lasting colour.
  • Heat will damage and dry out leather, so be sure to keep your leather away from any heat source.
  • Do not use any household cleaners as these will damage the finish on the leather and are not designed specifically for leather cleaning. Only use products designed for leather maintenance, ensuring to test first on an inconspicuous section of the lounge
  • If you spill something on your leather, blot rather than rub the liquid. If it stains, consult a professional upholstery cleaning company.
  • Keep any sharp or abrasive objects away from the leather as they may cause damage

IMPORTANT NOTE: leather can be damaged by several chemicals and fluids, some of which are not directly applied to the leather and might not be immediately obvious. Examples include:

  • Hairspray and other hair products
  • Deodorants and perfumes
  • Moisturisers and other skin care products
  • Human bodily fluids INCLUDING perspiration; especially if user is taking certain medication (i.e., heart medication).

Generally, these issues will arise in certain expected areas. Avoid these issues by regularly cleaning and conditioning your lounge, and/or using throws/blankets to cover areas where the most exposure occurs (arm rests, head rests, seat cushions).

Any damage to leather that appears to have been caused by these chemicals/fluids is not covered under warranty.

Please speak with our staff in-store about our extended warranty programs, which include added protection against accidental damage and spills.


Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

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