General Care

Below are some general care tips to help ensure your furniture lasts for years to come:



  • Use floor protectors on the base of your furniture (especially for tables & chairs), to protect your flooring from scratches and other damage
  • Always rotate and flip lounge seating cushions regularly to even the wear and to protect from fading
  • Always use coasters, tablecloths, table runners and place mats to protect surfaces from damage and stains
  • All surfaces, materials and finishes need to be maintained with the appropriate care products. See the relevant care instructions for more detail.


  • Do not drag furniture, always lift
  • Never place furniture in direct sunlight. It will cause fading and can cause materials to crack or warp. This includes sunlight through a window.
  • Never sit or rest on the arms of a chair or lounge – they are not designed to support excessive weight
  • Never allow pets to sit or jump on your furniture
  • Never place furniture close to heating or air-conditioning vents as it can cause damage and excessive wear
  • Never stand on stools or chairs
  • Only ever use your furniture for its intended purpose, and in its intended location within your home

Failure to care for your product correctly will void any warranty.

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