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Wabi Sabi

9 Mar, 2020

Wabi sabi is a time honoured Japanese aesthetic tradition.  It centres around the beauty in imperfection, in age and the authenticity of the lovingly worn.  It celebrates the cycle of life, embracing the natural progression of time and the marks that it leaves behind.  At Eureka Street Furniture we have fully embraced the concept.  Utilising natural products such as reclaimed timbers, natural stone and leather, we have honed our brand on the magnificence of nature, not only accepting but promoting the unique crevices, knots and markings of each individual piece. 

We connect deeply with wabi sabi because like us, it prefers the honesty and purity of the genuine rather than the flawlessness of the artificial.  Natural products are intrinsically better because they carry the marks of the passage of time.  The beauty in the patina can not be replicated in new or artificial products.  We source material that is hundreds of years old - from buildings that have been torn down, from libraries, schools, distilleries – they have imperfections, splits, knots, cracks – but the outcome is no two tables are the same. 

So many of our products reflect the wabi sabi principles in that the beauty only develops more with time and use.  Aniline leather lounges that come with the natural scars and tick marks from the animal, soften and wrinkle with years of use.   Marble is a natural stone, each vein and crevice breathe character and life into the furniture.  Our values are so in line with the wabi sabi philosophy that we develop product deliberately accentuated the imperfect “flawed beauty” that makes Eureka Street Furniture unique. 



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