Looking to the Future

20 Sep, 2019

Eureka Street Furniture has made its way along the East Coast of Australia with stores from Cairns to Canberra. From its humble beginnings as a stand alone store in Brisban’s Kelvin Grove suburb to currently 26 locations, Eureka Street is showing no signs of slowing down. Brand manager in the family business, Leora Danziger said it was a long-held dream of my family to grow the business and move from Queensland into NSW.

“We felt the style of our product, the authentic solid timber and quality lounge suites were perfect for NSW.” Leora said the Eureka team has dedicated themselves to the best possible quality, value and service they can provide. “Being a family owned and operated business has meant every transaction is personal to us, always priding ourselves on being honourable.“ The majority of our clientele are return customers because our products last and we are a brand our customers can trust,” she said.

Leora’s parents opened the first Eureka store 33 years ago and it remains family operated today, giving Leora a great sense of pride in the family business. “It makes me so happy when people tell me they still have Eureka Street furniture that they bought 30 years ago, sitting in their homes. Our product and the quality is totally unique to us – Knowing that our furniture helped turn someone’s house into a home is so fulfilling to me.”

Leora said Eureka Street Furniture offers exceptional quality solid timber furniture, dining tables, hall tables, buffets, library cabinets as well as plush comfortable fabric and leather lounges at extremely reasonable prices. “We specialise in recycled timber although our lines have now grown and we have a large range of furniture including Hamptons style, Boho chic, contemporary, Scandinavian, French Provicnial and Modern County,” she said.

Using only top qualtiy, authentic materials, ESF specialises in natural prodcuts. “The timber is thick and solid, the leather is high grade sourced from Italy and, despite our extremely competetive prices, our products are built to stand the test of time.” Being an Australian owned and operated business, we encourgare people to shop locally by making sure our teams are knowledgable, friendly and will bendover backwards to help our customers. “Our retail staff are exceptional and provide a level of service that goes beyond the expected retail experience.”

Eureka Street Furniture built its reputation on a commitment to using recycled timbers and selling sustainable products – “we never use rainforest timbers.” “We are also proud sponsors of the RSPCA as well as frequently getting involved in regional charities,” Leora said. With a long-term goal to source unique, quality pieces from across the world, Eureka Street Furniture is proud to remain true to their brand ethos while styaing on trend. “We are hoping to sharpen our logisitcs so that online purchases of heavy solid furniture is more accessible and we are planning on expanding our brand recognition and return customer base in NSW as we have succeeeded to do in Queensland.” Eureka Street Furniture has been turning houses into homes since 1986 and it seems it will continue to do so for many years to come.

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