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Why Wall Beds?

Wall Beds are the cornerstone of our space saving philosophy. Whether used for a child’s room, guest room or for everyday use, the wall bed is the ultimate in space saving while not compromising comfort.

The alternatives are sofa beds which can become less comfrotable over time, or an inflatable mattress which are just as uncomfortable and are difficult to store when not in use!

Wall Beds offer the following distinct advantages:

  • Accommodates standard mattresses for real comfort
  • The mattress stays flat, it doesn’t need to fold, so no creases or bars in your back
  • You don’t have to compromise on the style or comfort of your sofa just to get an extra bed
  • The bed can be folded away, already made, so you’re prepared for those surprise guests
  • Our functional series makes the bed functional to everyday life even when the bed is closed and not in use

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The great thing about our wall beds, is how easy they are to assemble. Click here to download an example instruction manual to see just how easy it is!